Please Help Solve, Pretty Easy But Idk How To Do Them, I Have More Of These Please Help (2024)

Mathematics High School

Please Help Solve, Pretty Easy But Idk How To Do Them, I Have More Of These Please Help (1)


Answer 1


first take the angle sum property in triangle CAB





In a parallelogram, opposite angles are equal


∠D=105(opposite angles are equal)

hope you find it helpful

Related Questions

Solve each equation 3x+2(5x-3)=7




Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1:

3x + 2 ( 5x - 3 ) = 7

Step 2:

3x + 10x - 6 = 7

Step 3:

13x - 6 = 7

Step 4:

13x = 13


x = 1

Hope This Helps :)

5√5 can be written in the form [tex]5^{k}[/tex]

Find the value of k




Step-by-step explanation:

5 = 5^(1/2)

5√5 = [5^1] * [5^(1/2)]

when you multiply you add exponents

5√5 = 5^(1 + 1/2)

but 1 = 2/2


5√5 = 5^[(2/2) + (1/2)] = 5^[3/2]

Reed is currently r years old. Which expression represents his age seven years from now


Answer: r+7

Whatever his age is now, we add 7 to it. So we simply add 7 to r getting r+7.

Example: Say he is 10 years old now

r = 10

r+7 = 10+7 = 17

meaning he will be 17 seven years from now

x= [ ? 1°


x = 30

you can add 60 & 60 together subtract from 180 then divide by 2 or you can add 60 & 90 then subtract from 180

the product of 7 and the difference between a number and 10 ​



Step-by-step explanation:

thats written out like this


if your asking whats the number you cant really find that out also there might not be parentheses thats just how i write it




m∠5 = 67

m∠7 = 67

Step-by-step explanation:

m∠4 and m∠5 add up to 180 because they are same side interior angles.

180 - 113 = m∠5

m∠5 = 67

m∠5 = m∠7 because they are vertically opposite angles

hence, m∠7 = 67 degrees


angle 5: 67 degrees. Angle 7: 67 degrees. (make sure to add the degrees logo)

Step-by-step explanation:

basically, angle 4 is 113 degrees. 180 degrees minus 113 is 67, which is how much angles 1 and 3 are. angles one and three are also equivalent to 5 and 7, which means they are also 67 degrees

is 3/4 rational or irrational




Step-by-step explanation:

cause it can be written as a fraction.

Solve for x.



x = ± 3

Step-by-step explanation:


3x² - 14 = 13 ( add 14 to both sides )

3x² = 27 ( divide both sides by 3 )

x² = 9 ( take the square root of both sides )

x = ± [tex]\sqrt{9}[/tex] = ± 3

Based on the table, which statement best describes a prediction for the end behavior of the graph of f(x)?
O As x = 0,f(x) = -00, and as x - -0,f(x) = 0
O As x - ,f(x) 0, and as x -00,f(x) - 00
As x - 00, f(x) 0, and as x -00,f(x) -
As X -f(x) - -00, and as x → ---0, f(x)




Step-by-step explanation:

I got it right on edge

The describes a prediction for the end behavior of the graph of f(x) is

∞, f(x) - ∞ and x- (-∞), f(x) - ∞.

What is End Behavior of function?

The behaviour of the function graph at the "ends" of the x-axis is known as the end behaviour of a function, or f.

In other words, if we look at the right end of the x-axis (as x approaches + ∞) and the left end of the x-axis (as x approaches -∞), the end behavior of a function represents the trend of the graph.

We have,

the table as

x -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3

f(x) 14 6 0 -4 -6 -6 -3 0 6

If we look at the table then we can conclude for further values

x tends to ∞ then f(x) tends to ∞

and, when x tends to -∞ then f(x) tends to ∞.

Learn more about End behavior of function here:


Round 287,301 to the nearest hundred thousand.



It is 300,000

Step-by-step explanation:

Rewrite 8 as an improper fraction. Use / for the fraction line.


8/1 is the answer!

hope this helps



Step-by-step explanation:

Solve and sketch its graph
1. 3x^2 - 4x = 0


Step-by-step explanation:

By solving, I am assuming that you want to find the zeros.

So to find what x equals, first, you factor out an x.

3x² - 4x = 0

x(3x - 4) = 0

Here, you can separate the equation into two different equations to solve for x.

3x - 4 = 0 and x = 03x = 4x = [tex]\frac{4}{3}[/tex] and x = 0

Those are your zeros.

And for its graph, you can always look to an online graphing calculator. I used Desmos.

Need help with this please




Step-by-step explanation:

A negative function is when the graph is below the x axis.

When x < 0, the function is negative.

A concert hall has seven sections. Each section has twenty-three rows. Each row has fourteen seats. If the theater sells out for a particular performance, how many people attended? If the average ticket sold for $20, how much was collected at the box office?


If the theater sells out, 2254 people would have attended. With each ticket being 20 dollars, $45,080 would have been collected at the box office

WILL MARK BRAINLIEST PLEASE ANSWER QUICK: In the equation y = 2x + 3, the number in front of the x is the _______




Step-by-step explanation:

Slope-Intercept Form: y = mx + b

m = slope

b = y-intercept

We are given y = 2x + 3:

We define our variables:

m = 2

b = 3

Therefore, our slope is 2 and our y-intercept is 3.



Step-by-step explanation:

find the value of x in the triangle at the right​


Answer: X = 72

Step-by-step explanation:

All triangles are 180 degrees, subtracting 36 from it

144 = 2x

divide 144 by 2

x = 72

A line passing through the points (-1, -5) and (4, t) has a slope equal to 1.
Find the value of t.


Answer: 1.2

Step-by-step explanation:

Slope (m) =







θ =




ΔX = 4 – -1 = 5

ΔY = 1 – -5 = 6

Distance (d) = √ΔX2 + ΔY2 = √61 = 7.8102496759067

Equation of the line:

y = 1.2x – 3.8


y =



– 19


When x=0, y = -3.8

When y=0, x = 3.1666666666667

Tyler orders a meal that costs $15 A) If the tax rate is 6.6%, how much will sales tax be on Tyler's meal? B) Tyler also wants to keave a tip for the server. How much do you think he should pay in all?


B well tip is 10% so do 15 times 10 + 15 and that will be your answer for b




Step-by-step explanation:

The answer to the first one is o.99 bc you would change 6.6% to a decimal and that would be 0.066 then you would add one to it and multiply it by 15 so the equation would look like this 1.066*15=0.99

The answer to the second one is 18.99 bc you would add 20% to 6.6% to get 26.6% and then you would change that into a decimal and add one to it to get 1.266 then multiply it by 15 to get 18.99

Point P was rotated about the Irgun (0,0) by -15




Step-by-step explanation:

The point you're looking for is the same distance from the origin, but 15° clockwise around a circle centered at the origin. Points A and D are the only ones with the same radius. Point D is the only one that is 15° clockwise from P.


The approximate coordinates of the rotated point are (-4.3120, 3.2259).

Point K is on line segment \overline{JL} JL . Given JK=5x+7,JK=5x+7, JL=2x+8,JL=2x+8, and KL=4,KL=4, determine the numerical length of \overline{JL}. JL .



JL = 6 units

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given that,

K lies on line segment JL.

We have, JK=5x+7,JL=2x+8, and KL=4.

JL = JK + KL

2x+8 = 5x+7 + 4

Taking like terms together.


-3 = 3x

x = -1

Put x = -1 in JL = 2x+8. So,

JL = 2(-1)+8

JL = 6

Hence, the length of JL is 6 units.

Plz help me out with this problem




Step-by-step explanation:

The answer is C because the graph of the function is increasing and Y has to be greater than the slope and C has a Y-intercept just like the equation

Convert 5.4 • 10^3 to standard form




Step-by-step explanation:

you move the decimal point 3 times

Is the coldest temperature represented by a positive or negative number? *


The coldest temp is negative

what is the solution to this equation? 5x + 15 +2x =24 + 4x



Step-by-step explanation:

5x + 15 + 2x = 24 + 4x

7x + 15 = 4x + 24

3x + 15 = 24

3x = 9

x = 3

Find two consecutive even integers such that six times the lesser added to the greater gives
a sum of 86


12 and 14 are the answers

A family pays $8.00 to park at a concert. Tickets for the concert cost $13.50 per person. The family spent a total of $89.00 for parking fees and tickets to the concert. The situation can be modeled by the equation 89 = 13.5n + 8, where n represents the number of tickets purchased. How many concert tickets did the family purchase? tickets



89=13.5n=8 89-8=13.5n 81=13.5n 81/13.5=13.5n/13.5 6=n

Step-by-step explanation:


6...I believe

Step-by-step explanation:

what is 12,220x3000457


Answer: 36665584540

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

i calculator the numbers in a paper and add them like i did in 7th grade like







✔ ✔ ✔

How many units away is 1 from -6 on a number line? A. 7 B. -5 C. 5 D. -7




Step-by-step explanation:

Rudy has $584.00. Does he have enough to buy a viola and an oboe ? How much is needed?



No he needs $598

Step-by-step explanation:


What is the absolute value of |-64]




Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1:

Absolute Value is the distance between a number and 0.


The answer is 64 because - 64 is still 64 units away from zero.

Hope This Helps :)

Please Help Solve, Pretty Easy But Idk How To Do Them, I Have More Of These Please Help (2024)


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