Hypnosis Soundgasm (2024)

1. CGHypnosisOnYT - soundgasm.net

  • This file is designed to relax you with water sounds, binaural beats and deep hypnosis. Good for beginners and people who like guided meditation. Play Count: ...

  • Daddy's Broken Good GirlListen and be like Korrupted... be Daddy's broken Good Girl. Say it with her: I am broken. I am empty. I am nothing. I am an object. I am a slave. Good Girl.Play Count: 3675

2. HypnoMasterJay - soundgasm.net

  • After org*sming there are commands to sleep, so no awakener. Play Count: 13147. The Lonely Superheroine [M4F][mdom] [hypnosis] [layered audio] [binaurals] ...

  • Good Girls Rub Their Minds Away[M4F] [Hypnosis] so [Rape] [JOI] [Mdom] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Master's f*cktoy] [Obedient slu*t] [Touch on Command] [Repetition] [Loops] [Layers] [Snaps] [Binaural Beat] [Soft Music] [Accent] [org*sm Control] [Multiple org*sms] [Countdown] [Mindless] [dild* Required]Play Count: 24389

3. hypnosis files on Tumblr

4. post from @mutt - cohost!

  • 1 jul 2022 · soundgasm.net/u/MuttHypno. SOMEONE'S gotta be the first erotic hypnosis content creator on here so it might as well be me. Look at the link ...

  • I gotta say currently cohost doesn’t have a lot of good ways for sharing links to audio, since links don’t load any sort of thumbnails or anything. It would be idea to have some kinda nice big card in the post, or to be able to embed the audio player. I guess for now I will have to make custom images for new files? To catch attention?

post from @mutt - cohost!

5. Isabella Valentine Jackpot All 1-27 - Internet Archive

  • 13 okt 2021 · Isabella Valentine, Trance, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Erotic Hypnosis, Jackpot. Isabella Valentine jackpot series. Addeddate: 2021-10-13 19:54:11.

  • Isabella Valentine jackpot series 

Isabella Valentine Jackpot All 1-27 - Internet Archive

6. ShadowTheory hypnosis

  • Hi! I'm ShadowTheory. I like to record audio hypnosis. Soundgasm · Soundcloud.

  • I like to record audio hypnosis

7. Soundgasm net hypnosis - sofram-remscheid

  • Soundgasm net hypnosis. [M4A][Mdom][hypnosis][brainwash][narrative fantasy]. soundgasm.net. max volume. Dark Places: Hypnosis and Mind Control. This is about ...

  • 404

8. Your Best Friend Hypnotizes You - Videos - Hypnotube

  • 21 mei 2022 · Hypnosis. See All · Store · Live Cams · Games · Reading · Playlists ... soundgasm.net/u/ShadowTheory Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users ...

  • In this file, the listener is called good boy, pet, sweetheart, and dude. Summary from u/FullyWorkingLegs: Your best friend needs a favor. Her psych class has a chapter on hypnosis and she wants to try it to take some stress off of you. You both joke it off, and agree that the two of you think hypnosis is bullsh*t. Well, you do at least, and it's not like she would lie to you… right? Find out more: https://www.shadowtheoryhypnosis.com Soundgasm: https://soundgasm.net/u/ShadowTheory Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/13512144 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ShadowTheory LoyalFans: https://www.loyalfans.com/shadowtheory Free stock video footage from videezy.com

Your Best Friend Hypnotizes You - Videos - Hypnotube

9. soundgasm.net – @hypnodim9010 on Tumblr

  • In this Hypnoboy series, I will be guiding you in 3 different sessions of relaxation, arousal, and training as you become my horny, obedient, Hypnoboys.

  • Hypnoboy Part 1- Feeling like a Hypnoboy Its finally here! Thank you for being so patient in waiting for my next audio file, my Good Boys~ In this Hypnoboy series, I will be guiding you in 3 differ…

10. 9 - Shibbydex

  • Today, I'm holding another one of my very special online "Shibby Says" erotic hypnosis classes, which any of my adoring fans can come watch or join on webcam.

  • A database for Shibby audio files

Hypnosis Soundgasm (2024)
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